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Pumpkin Spice Season & Transitional Fashion

As cooler weather approaches, we're entering that "transitional" season in fashion where everything in your closet can be part of your #OOTD. Fall and spring are the seasons of change in nature and this also applies to your wardrobe.

As pumpkin spice season is quickly approaching, it's time to dust off the ankle boots and start incorporating them into your outfits again. The next couple of months will be perfect to pair your favourite summer pieces with some winter basics you haven't seen in a while. Our favourite pairing: winter knits with summer skirts or loungewear sets with strappy heels. 

With more options, comes more complexity. 

We especially love fall and spring fashion because of their versatility but that can also seem daunting if you don't know where to start. When choosing key pieces for your closet, remember the season they're meant for but also which seasons you can layer them into. For example, our loungewear sets can be a staple for your winter closet but pair the crewneck sweater with a midi skirt in the fall for that transitional look. 

A great way to prepare for the fashion season ahead is to take inventory of your basics and on-trend pieces in your closet. 

Remember the basic tees at the back of your dresser that you bought in three colours? Well, it's time to get them all out. Sort all your clothing into basics, "on-trend" pieces, or other. Ideally, your basics should make up at least 50% of your closet, depending on your style. I actually aim for more than 50% of basics because I find that it's easier to pair them with my trendy pieces since those styles can vary. Trendy pieces are what give your outfits their flair and personality - think of these as the collectable pieces in your closet. For trendy pieces, less is more so choose a few seasonal trends that you love and explore pairing them with your basics. 

Once you’ve taken an inventory of what’s in your closet, it’s time to objectively see what’s missing. I suggest making a list (almost like a grocery list) before you start shopping. That way, you have a clear focus on what you need like basics versus on-trend pieces and know what and where to look for them. 

Now armed with your list, let’s get shopping! Here’s to toasting the summer memories as we prepare for fall and the winter season ahead. Soon we’ll be sipping our apple ciders at a local pumpkin patch in our favourite “transitional” outfit, wondering where the summer went.

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